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What We Stand For

At Flowy, we stand for more than just period protection. We stand for:

Menstrual Health

Nurturing the strength and potential of every menstruating individual, we strive to foster confidence and empowerment through a positive menstrual experience.

Empowerment through Education

As a dedicated safe space, we encourage open dialogue, providing a platform for every menstruator and the inquisitive minds seeking knowledge on menstruation.


Beyond reducing waste in landfills, our commitment to sustainability resonates in crafting reusable alternatives from ethically sourced materials, leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

Period Positivity

Embracing gender inclusivity, fostering open discussions, and promoting body positivity, we work not only to celebrate individuality but also to contribute towards a period-positive planet where menstruation is not taboo.

Menstrual Equity

Championing menstrual equity, we make sustainable and convenient menstrual products accessible to every menstruator in Nepal, ensuring inclusivity and empowerment for all.

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