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Introducing Flowy Period Underwear

Your reliable, leak-proof, and eco-friendly companion to manage life's leaks.

No leaks, no worries. Just Comfort.  

Absorbs moisture fast for a dry and cosy feel.

Can be used for 2 years

Hugs your body perfectly

For a flattering, comfortable fit

Scent-free freshness – No weird smells.

Our Absorbencies

For lighter and heavier flow

Absorbs up to 40 ml blood = 4-5 Pads

Wear carefreely for up to 8-12 hours

How does it work?

Will it work?

Absolutely! Our leakproof technology is the result of two years of meticulous research, design, and prototyping. We’ve perfected every detail to ensure your confidence and comfort.

Let us show you how it works.
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