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From small steps to giant strides, we're committed to a sustainable and period-positive planet.


Did you know, according to several studies, some traditional menstrual products are made up of up to 90% plastic that lingers in our environment for 500 to 800 years? Plus, these use-and-throw products are to be switched out every 4 hours, leading to the usage of 30 to 36 products in a single menstrual cycle, which leads to a carbon footprint of 8.9kg of CO2 emissions every year.

On the flip side, crafted from organically sourced materials, our underwear is a testament to our commitment to environmentally conscious choices. Reusable for up to 24 months and packaged in plastic-free materials, every aspect of Flowy is designed with the planet in mind.

Using Flowy Underwear equals saving around 800 disposable products from ending up in landfills over two years.

With a big family of over 4000 happy customers and more than 10000 Flowy Period Underwear pieces sold, we’ve played a vital role in stopping plastic-based menstrual products to go in landfills, to let our planet breathe a sigh of relief.


Community Initiatives 

In Nepal, where more than one in four girls miss school during their periods, Flowy stands as a beacon of comfort and empowerment.  Often, in many cases, girls don’t have enough sanitary pads, so they use one for too long, causing discomfort, rashes, and health issues. Others use makeshift solutions like saree rags, which aren’t leakproof. So, they skip school to avoid this discomfort and embarrassment.

At Flowy, we believe that to empower women, education is the foundational step. So, to bridge the gap, we extend our hearts and hands to donate our period panties to community schools across Nepal. This humble contribution provides these girls with a comfortable and worry-free alternative, breaking the chains that held them back.

In our small way, we hope to transform periods from being a hindrance to a source of empowerment, ensuring that every girl can pursue her education without interruption.

Ready For Red  

There has always been this shadow of shame cast over conversations about menstruation, a hush-hush atmosphere around a perfectly natural process. This realization prompted the birth of our campaign – Ready For Red.

With this, our goal is to empower young minds by providing menstrual health education in schools and shifting the collective mindset surrounding menstruation. This is not just for young girls stepping into the age of menstruation but also for boys, encouraging open discussions.

To break the silence, we incorporated activities they would enjoy. Whether it’s savoring Flowy’s Red Chocolates or having fun with red nails and face painting, it’s all about declaring proudly that they are Ready for Red!

But we didn’t want this awareness to be a one-time thing. That’s why we extended our efforts to include teachers. We had open discussion sessions on menstruation, challenges faced by menstruating individuals, and why sustainable menstrual practices are important for a cleaner future. Because only fostering understanding and support around menstruation from one generation to another will revert the issue of calling menstruation a taboo in Nepal.

Let’s break the silence, encourage discussions, and build a future where no one feels ashamed of a perfectly natural part of life.

Impact Report


Flowy Impact Report 2023 

At Flowy, our commitment to menstrual health, sustainability, and empowerment has translated into tangible impact. Here’s a snapshot of our achievements in 2023:

Over 4000 happy Flowy users have embraced comfort, sustainability, and confidence in their periods.

We’ve sold over 10,000 Flowy Period Underwear.

We’ve saved a staggering 2.5 million+ pads from ending up in landfills.

We’ve stopped a remarkable 35,000+ kgs of carbon emissions in just one year.

We’ve provided 200 schoolgirls with Flowy Period Underwear, ensuring they can pursue their education without interruption.


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