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About Flowy

Flowy began with a simple yet powerful idea: To revolutionize menstrual health by providing a solution that combines comfort, functionality, and sustainability. Today, we are a group of women passionate about changing lives for the better.

We stand proudly as the first company in Nepal to introduce leakproof period underwear, becoming a leading brand in providing a sustainable solution for everyone menstruating. For us, Flowy is not just a brand, but a path to a sustainable and period-positive planet.

With Flowy, we are encouraging everyone to let it flow. 

No more shame. No more discomfort. And no more compromises.  

Our Story

Discomfort, mess, pain, itchy pads, rashes, and constant embarrassments – these are the shared experiences of every menstruator, including our founder. Confronted with the prospect of yet another week filled with discomfort and pain, changing traditional use-and-throw menstrual products every two hours, she asked a simple question: ‘Don’t we all deserve better than this?’

In a world of technological advancements, women’s health, especially menstruation, remains overlooked. Determined to provide a more convenient solution, our founder, at 18, delved into research and discovered “Period Panties,” a term not yet known in Nepal.

Driven by unwavering passion and enthusiasm, she chose to step up and create it on her own. Thus, in 2019, Flowy was born, becoming Nepal’s first-ever period underwear brand after two years of dedicated research and prototyping.

Even our prototypes were game-changers – easy to use, incredibly comfortable, and far superior to other options in the market. Our first testers enthusiastically encouraged us to go forward, saying, ‘Go for it, girl! This is going to change a whole lot of lives.’

And today, we have thousands of customers thanking us for changing their lives.

Flowy isn’t just a product; it embodies the idea that periods shouldn’t be inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Let’s make comfort and confidence the norm every day of the month.

Our Mission

Flowy’s mission is to empower everyone who menstruates through innovative, sustainable, and comfortable period solutions. We are committed to providing exceptional products that prioritise overall health and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Our Vision

Flowy's vision is to transform the narrative around menstruation, creating a world where everyone menstruating feel comfortable, confident, and connected every day of the month.
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